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How to Purchase Casino Chips

If you want to play in a casino then you will need chips. This is an absolute. It is just too difficult to navigate the game when tons of loose cash are thrown on a table. So, instead, various color coded chips represented different monetary amounts will be used as a surrogate for currency. Relax though, the process for acquiring chips is easy.

In a brick and mortar casino, the way to purchase casino chips is simple. All one has to do is go up to the cash/chip windows and purchase them. You hand the attendant cash. The attendant will then provide you with chips in the exact denomination that you have requested. For example, a player could hand an attendant three $100 dollar bills and in return receive one hundred dollar chip, four $25 dollar chips, five $10 chips, four $5 chips and then five one dollar chips. Of course, when the player wishes to redeem the chips for cash he would need to return to the window and exchange the chips for cash.

In some instances, the player can purchase chips via a loan. That is, the casino may open a line of credit account and the player would withdraw chips against the line of credit. Instead of receiving a cash loan, the player would receive chips. The chips could be redeemed for cash and do not need to be returned to any accounts. Keep in mind, however, these exchanges are loans and need to be paid back with interest. They are not free gifts!