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What is a Free Bet?

It has been said that nothing in life is free.unless you sign up with an online casino that offers you a free bet option. Yes, you read that correctly. You can place a bet for free. Now, some may wonder why a casino would provide a free bet. The answer is obvious: casinos need to offer specials and deals in order to attract customers. Offering a free bet is no different than a supermarket offering a buy one get one free deal on a particular product.

A free bet is essentially a monetary bet provided by the casino gratis. No, you can not sign up and get a free bet place it and then leave. We all wish life would be so easy! Yes, there are some terms associated with a free bet but they are fair terms designed to reward legitimate customers. Here is an example of a free bet: a player opens an account for $100. He is then provided a $25 credit for a free bet that can be accessed after he wagers $25 of his own money. The player does just that playing five $5 bets on blackjack. He can now access his free $25 bet and plays a $25 hand. If he wins, he wins with the casinos money. If he loses, well it wasn't his money to begin with so this is no real loss. As such, a free bet is a win-win proposition. That is why they are so popular and that is why so many casinos employ them as promotional vehicles.